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Black Girls Stay Lit™ combines an evidence-based, culturally/gender-specific approach to Black Girls’ positive development with a focus on quality literacy instruction and practice that bolsters girls’ cognitive and social-emotional competencies. BGSL develops the ‘qualities of mind’—oral and written communication skills, critical analysis, empathy, creative problem-solving, and collaboration—which enable girls to become commanding speakers, critical readers, innovative writers, shrewd navigators of today’s perilous information environment, and empowered agents of communal development and progress.

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At Black Girls Stay Lit™, we honor and embrace Black women’s ways of knowing, speaking, writing, and doing across every aspect of our program. We are dedicated to creating a safe space for Black girls to be their whole selves, explore texts that speak directly to their intersecting identities, affirm and support one another, speak and write from their hearts, and thrive in an atmosphere characterized by genuine respect and belief in their capabilities. More than a youth development program, Black Girls Stay Lit™ is a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment and collective excellence.

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Your donations help us provide scholarships to support, affirm and empower Black adolescent girls/gender non-confirming youth, regardless of their family’s ability to pay BGSL fees. Donate online or send us a check directly!

"Resistance is the secret of joy"

– Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, Alice Walker,
Possessing the Secret of Joy

Together, let’s resist right-wing fear tactics, distortions and anti-woke propaganda, progressive books banning and the shameless outlawing of classroom instruction about truthful accounts of Black American history, systemic racism, and gender bias.

Black Girls Stay Lit™ teaches truth to Black girls, unapologetically.